Recent anti-social behaviour

The Parish Council is aware that in recent months a number of residents have had cause to complain about various types of anti-social behaviour. These have included:

  • dog issues (continuous barking, running loose, dogs chasing and/or attacking people or other animals)
  • quad bikes riding over farm land causing noise nuisance and damage to crops
  • intimidation and verbal abuse from the children off the site
  • knocking on residents’ doors and running away causing fear and intimidation
  • a security light shining into houses constantly during the night

The Parish Council has recently met with the Police to discuss the issues. For action to be taken we need to collate accounts from residents, providing an insight into the impact that the ongoing issues have been having on the quality of residents’ lives and their day to day living. These accounts can be anonymous should you prefer.

Attached is a template diary sheet that we are asking residents to complete in order to provide us with a record of incidents that occur. If you prefer to keep a record in a notebook or diary that’s fine too. We would also encourage residents to report to the police via 101 or online when incidents occur so that they can continue to build up a picture. The diary sheet can be completed historically for any incidents that you have experienced within the last 3 months or can be completed from now for the next few weeks.

Completed diary sheets can be returned to the Parish Council for collation by either emailing to or by giving them to any Parish Councillor.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Anti Social Behaviour Diary Sheets

Please help us to help you.


Hill and Moor Parish Council